Bougainville Natural Resource Portal

Connecting you to environmental maps and data

Welcome to the Bougainville Natural Resource Portal

This user-friendly, participatory, and open-access online web portal has been curated and developed by UNDP to support mapping and monitoring the environment and sustainable use of natural resources.

This includes global datasets on coral reefs, mangroves, forests, and other critical ecosystems, along with datasets which can assist in planning such as administrative boundaries and village locations. You can upload, view, make and share data from many different levels (local to global) using the functionalities of the Portal.

Data and Services available on the Portal

Interactive data catalogue

Spatial and non-spatial data which can be viewed in browser, or streamed into desktop GIS software.

User accounts

Registering for the platform allows individuals to create maps and be added to user groups which unlock functionalities such as uploading, editing, and sharing

Data downloading

Public datasets can be downloaded, streamed and integrated into existing platforms


Users can create customized maps from layers from within the Portal which can be downloaded and integrated directly into reports

Interactive data products

GeoStories integrate text, multimedia and data to reach a wide audience. Dashboards help monitoring progress and change over time.